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International Law

BURKARD LAW FIRM, P.A. advises in "International Law,” where more than one jurisdiction - e.g., Florida law and German law - are simultaneously affected and can be applied. The term “International Law" can be applied to different areas of consulting.

For example, in family and divorce law, we navigate the complications that can arise when a spouse is a German citizen while the other spouse is American citizen, the children from the marriage were born both in Germany and in Florida, and the couple owns real estate and other assets both in Germany and in Florida.

Another example of our firm's dealings in International Law is when an American GI, who has been stationed in Germany for many years, tries to enforce his pension claims in Germany.

This category also includes the enforcement of titled claims from last-instance judgments. It does not matter whether the claims of the creditor are filed in Germany against a debtor in Florida or vice versa, the claims of a creditor in Florida filed against a debtor in Germany should be enforced. It is also irrelevant whether it concerns claims from / to private individuals or companies.


Former German State's Attorney - 
Admitted to Practice Law in Florida, Germany & New York.

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