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Wills and Probate

In our firm’s experience, this advisory area is the most underestimated by clients!

In principle, a German will and testament is not effective in Florida. Our law firm recommends that anyone who lives and/or works in Florida have a Florida will and testament prepared by a qualified attorney. Maintaining a Florida based will and testament is also important for anyone who owns commercial or residential property or other assets in Florida, even if they do not primarily live in Florida or the United States of America.

A well-established Florida will and testament may help in the death of the testator under certain circumstances to avoid the usual probate procedure. Such a probate procedure is usually lengthy and costly.

In addition, a good Florida will and testament not only regulates the succession, that is, who and what is left behind to whom, but also clearly determines which regulations you want to meet for yourself or your family where you are no longer able to make decisions yourself.


Former German State's Attorney - 
Admitted to Practice Law in Florida, Germany & New York.

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